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Respect for the environment and eco-sustainability

IBL is highly aware of the issue of Biobuilding and of building in the respect of the wellbeing of the individual.

IBL’s awareness towards the environment and the respect of those values that have now become indispensable for eco-sustainable building, is expressed through the company’s ongoing analysis and testing of the production, confirming therefore the natural features of the product and the low environmental impact of the production processes.

Respecting the environment is a priority of our times and a value that must be defended. IBL, proud of their environmental friendly values, feels the need to let the user know that using IBL products means respecting and interpreting the new values for a sustainable future in the best possible way.

PHOTO: environmental restoration old quarry in Cotignola (RA) plant, now public.

Cura, ricerca, estetica

Building has always been one of the maximum expressions for mankind, and to achieve this he makes use of all the art and knowledge in his possession.

Today building designers and builders do not only wish to satisfy a mere habitat related need, but they also aim at expressing their way of being and at establishing themselves before their surroundings.

Therefore, over time building materials with a higher technical performance have been developed, and not only, they have also become more aesthetically detailed and stylish.

PHOTO: environmental restoration old quarry in Bentivoglio (BO) plant.

Utilizzo di materiali biocompatibili 

Today, a further unavoidable element must be added: the materials need to respect the environment, as far as the materials they are made up of and the production processes are concerned.

The use of eco-sustainable materials means self-respect, as well as the respect of the future generations and of the surrounding environment.

IBL has always been a genuine exponent of these values.